Major updates sofar (The linkpage and database are constantly being updated)
september 2002 Online introduction of the first Dutch Version of  

january 2003

Linkpage with more than a hundred top Mod-sixties Websites, and Nederbeat top 30 with some MP'3s  
april 2003 Major update in the interface (apperance of my website)  
september 2003 Online introduction of the English version  
january 2004 Database with hundreds of entries of bands and bandmembers  
oktober 2004 Database now also filled with hundreds of photos  
january 2005 Major update in the interface (apperance of my website)  
august 2005 Searchengine en Sitemap  
november 2005 By popular demand: a guestbook  
 november 2006  VIDEOS!!!!  


Updates in the future
january 2007 Incorparating some interesting RSS feeds  
february 2008 My goal is to put al the photos, text, frames and other stuff that the site is made off, in one database. This would make my site much quicker.