This video shows The Beatles arriving at schiphol Airport Amsterdam in june 1966 and the welcoming crazy crowds in the City.  The visit of the Beatles in june 1966 and their perfomance at Blokker on the 4th kicked off the Dutch beat scene One of the most influential popconcerts for the nederbeat scene was The Stones at the Kurhaus 1964. It was compete mayhem!! It lasted only 2 songs Another band which were a big influence for bands like Q65 were the Pretty Things. In 65 they played at Blokker. The drummer is in excellent form. The best. Watch a famous Dutch TV person doing a stupid intro.            On the opening night of a new Beatclub in Amsterdam, Lijn 3 near the Vondelpark, the national news made a small documentary. Some music and dancing included.  Off course being from Mokum i' am starting my bandclips with the Outsiders. A nice clip with Lying all the time. 1966  The Outsiders with Thinking about today. Its a bit a static video  but we cant complain there are not many off his band. 1966  A rare clip of The Outsiders with Hot cup of coffee. Scenery of the Harbour of Amsterdam, which lokes very different today. 1968 The ZIPPS. First time i saw this clip was on Youtube. Thanks for that. A live perfomance on Dutch TV in '66 of their Cult hit "kicks and chicks" Singing a bit to loud but still!!! Very Early Dutchbeat from Amsterdam. 1963 But cool. Johnny & the Cellar Rockers.    He Psssssst   Zen with their song Hair 1969, Its a small clubhit in the sixties Mod scene at the moment.        Hai in de Rai : A short documentary about a beat festival in 1968 Amsterdam.   Group 1850 ZERO